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Guilford County Development Ordinance

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This Ordinance was established in order to lessen congestion in the streets, secure safety from fire, panic and other dangers, provide adequate light and air, prevent the overcrowding of land, avoid undue concentration of population, facilitate the adequate and economic provision of transportation, water, sewage, schools, park, and other public services, protect water quality within watershed critical areas and/or designated municipal watersheds, preserve and enhance visual attractiveness and economic vitality, and require appropriate setbacks for buildings and other structures to facilitate the safe movement of vehicular and pedestrian traffic, provide adequate fire lanes and ensure adequate distance from dust, noise and fumes created by vehicular traffic. Copies of the GC Development Ordinance are available for purchase in the Planning and Development Office for $20.00.

Guilford County Code
This Code was created as result of North Carolina General Statutes granting authority to counties to adopt and issue a code of its ordinances (G.S. 153A-49); general ordinance-making power (G.S. 153A-121); territorial jurisdiction of ordinances (G.S. 153A-122); and authority not limited by enumeration of powers (G.S. 153A-124).

Landscape Manual
The purpose of the Landscape Manual is to inform the citizens of Guilford County about varieties of native and locally adopted plants and their characteristics as the relate to meeting the landscaping regulations set forth by the Guilford County Development Ordinance.

NC State Building Code Information

North Carolina General Statutes

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