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  • GAP Billing

    • Is there an appeal process?

    • What constitutes a gap bill?

    • What happens if bill remains unpaid?

    • What is GAP billing?

    • What is the due date?

    • What is the interest rate?

    • Why am I receiving a bill?

  • Tax

    • How do I correct inaccurate information on my property record card?

    • What are the hours of operation, location and directions to the tax department?

    • What types of tax payment are accepted?

    • What information do I submit when I get rid of a vehicle?

    • Is the tax bill valid if I transferred my tag to another car?

    • What time period am I paying taxes for?

    • When may I expect to receive my tax bill on my vehicle?

    • When will my house taxes be billed and when are they due each year?

    • Can I pay installments/pre-pay my taxes on my house and/or car?

    • I think the assessed value of my property is wrong. How do I appeal it?

    • Do I need to list improvements to my property each year?

    • What happens if I don't may my taxes by the deadline?

    • Does the tax department conduct tax lien sales?