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Mission Statement

To assist in the management of the pretrial inmate population in an attempt to stabilize the growing jail population.
To insure public safety by offering factual information to the Courts and facilitating communication between the jail and the court system.



  • 1988: Jail Advisory Group (JAG) was established by Board of County Commissioners to address jail overcrowding
  • 1991: #1 recommendation of JAG was the establishment of a pretrial release program
  • July 1991: Pretrial Services opened with 4 staff serving Greensboro. Guilford County funded the program but the State managed the program by way of a contractual agreement
  • 1994:  Expanded services to High Point with the addition of 3 new staff
  • 2007:  Six new staff added to provide more case management
  • 2011: Contractual agreement with State ends. Program became Court Services and is managed by the County