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IF you are a NON-CUSTODIAL Parent (the parent without primary custody of a child), and you want to volunteer to pay child support by applying for CSE services:

CSE will contact the person who has primary physical custody of the child and tell them of your desire to have CSE involved in your case.

The letter asks the other parent whether or not they would like CSE involved in your case.

That parent will be given a certain amount of time to respond.

Should that parent respond, appointments will be made to further discuss your case and the next step in the process.

Application fees (non-refundable) must be paid before any services can be provided.

If the person who has the child primarily opposes CSE involvement in the case and/or refuses to cooperate with us, you will be notified in order to determine if further assistance from CSE is desired.

If you elect to continue with the case, the CSE agency will file the appropriate paternity and/or support action with the court.

The court will decide if CSE action is in the best interest of the child. Support amounts are set based on the NC Child Support Guidelines.

Among other things, CSE court orders require income withholding, tax interception and credit bureau reporting.

Questions/concerns may also be addressed in the NC Child Support Handbook,
by visiting NCCHILDSUPPORT.COM or by calling
NC Child Support at 800-992-9457, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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