DUMT Wells

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Guilford County Board of Health Adopts the Rules Governing Well Construction and Operation for Daily Usage More Than (DUMT) 10,000-gollon Wells.  The rules for construction and operation of DUMT 10,000-gallon wells are established for better groundwater management practice to avoid an adverse effect on the public health by protecting groundwater quality and the surrounding water supply wells.

The well owner is required to submit a complete application to the Health Department for constructing a well or well system, expanding or increasing an existing DUMT 10,000-gallon well or well system, or upgrading an existing well or well system.  A site plan showing the proposed well location and a tax map showing the property address and owners within 1000-foot radius of the well must be attached with application.

After reviewing the application, the Health Department may issue a well construction permit with or without some modification. The construction of DUMT 10,000-gallon wells shall comply with all applicable requirements of NCAC Title 15A Subchapter 2C (Well Construction Standards), Guilford County Well Rules, and other applicable laws. The well construction record must be submitted the Health Department after the well construction is completed.

A single well step-down pumping test needs to be performed for at least twenty-four (24) hours to obtain information on radius and depth of the cone of depression. If any existing water supply wells are identified within 1,000-foot radius, the well owner of the DUMT well are required to contact these individuals for the possibility of using their wells as observation point during the pumping test.

A bacteriological analysis is required to be performed by the Health Department. If the well is located within a 1,500-foot radius of a known soil/groundwater contamination site, water samples need to be collected from the well after the pumping test for analyses performed by the State Public Health laboratory or other laboratory certified by the State of North Carolina for volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds, inorganic compounds, pesticides, and nitrates.

After reviewing the pumping test results, well construction records, and analytical results, the Health Department may deny issuing an operation permit or issues an operation permit with or without conditions.

The Health Board approved the following fee schedule for the DUMT 10,000 wells.

Application:    $260.00                Permits:        $320.00