Vision Zero is a strategy to substantially reduce traffic fatalities and serious injuries with a long term goal of zero. Vision Zero at its core takes a collaborative and data driven approach to traffic related deaths and serious injuries. Vision Zero Guilford County focuses on identifying the key aspects of why the fatalities and serious injuries are occurring and taking effective steps to prevent them in the future.

Vision Zero

Current trends in fatalities and serious injuries make clear that new methods need to be tried to improve safety outcomes.  Vision Zero Guilford County, is not expected to recreate the wheel, but  join many wheels together, through collaborative partnerships with other local law enforcement agencies and first responders, moving in unison to save lives!

Why are we doing it?

  • Traffic deaths and severe injuries are acknowledged to be preventable.
  • Human life and health are prioritized within all aspects of transportation systems.
  • Acknowledgement that human error is inevitable, and transportation systems should be forgiving.
  • Safety work should focus on systems-level changes above influencing individual behavior.
  • Speed is recognized and prioritized as the fundamental factor in crash severity.
  • Recognizes individuals have the responsibility to abide by the systems, laws, and policies.
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