Evidence Section

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The Guilford County sheriff’s Office Property and Evidence Unit is responsible for maintaining, storing, and disposing of all property taken into law enforcement custody. Property taken as evidence must be carefully safeguarded to prevent contamination and insure its value in court.

An important function of this unit is the proper and timely disposal of property. This includes the return of property to its rightful owner or the destruction of items as prescribed by law. Under the general supervision of the Evidence Sergeant, the GCSO Property Clerks are responsible for the efficient operation of the GCSO property and evidence unit. They perform a variety of clerical functions of a difficult and responsible nature, centering around the intake, processing, maintenance and dispersal of law enforcement related property and associated statistical reports.

We strongly recommend that you telephone the Evidence Sergeant or GCSO Property Clerks to make an appointment before coming to GCSO should you wish to recover property or evidence in our custody. These individuals are the only department members authorized to release property - and can only do so in conformance with applicable state, federal law, and departmental policy.