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The Crime Repression Team was formed to suppress street level crime, including gang and youth violence, and conduct special surveillance operations.

Since its inception, the CRT has increased its areas of responsibility to other types of street crime which can be proactively addressed by doing surveillance, serving search warrants, using informants, and conducting undercover operations. CRT serves as a tactical unit response to assist patrol, narcotics and other divisions as needed as well as assistance in high-risk search warrant service.

One sergeant and six deputies work in this unit and focus on selected criminal targets in Guilford County. All of the personnel assigned to the CRT are among the most experienced in the department, especially in the area of surveillance and technical operations. CRT actively solicits tips from other officers and members of the public regarding suspected criminal activity of an ongoing, chronic nature.

The mission of the CRT is to reduce violent street crime, with a focus on our repeat offenders, through the strict monitoring, arresting, and prosecuting of those groups or individuals who may cause such crimes to occur. To accomplish this mission CRT uses mobile surveillance, ground surveillances, technical operations and at times undercover operations.