The Professional Standards Sections are designed to maintain public confidence. All complaints must be thoroughly and impartially investigated. The Professional Standards Officer operates as the investigative arm of the Sheriff to identify and report corruption and employee behavior that could discredit the Sheriff’s Office or violates a Department policy, procedure or practice. Complaints are investigated and presented to the Sheriff for a fair and appropriate adjudication and /or sanction, with consideration given to the complainant, the individual employee, the Sheriff’s Office, and the public trust.

Professional Standards is commonly referred to as Internal Affairs. This division receives, processes, supervises and controls investigations regarding employees. Professional Standards is tasked with ensuring that misconduct allegations made against employees are thoroughly investigated while maintaining objectivity by gathering all pertinent information in a professional manner.

Professional Standards directly investigates complaints that involve use of force resulting in serious injury to a citizen, alleged violations of criminal laws or alleged immoral conduct by a member. Professional Standards conducts administrative investigations into certain incidents due to the magnitude and/or sensitivity of the incident even though a citizen complaint has not been received.

During non-business hours, complaints may be directed to Metro 911 Communications Center, to be directed then to the appropriate on duty supervisor at (336) 373-2222.