Crime Prevention

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Historically during the summer months of the year certain types of crimes increase. Typically there is an increase in automobile break-ins and thefts of lawn equipment. These are crimes of opportunity which means that they are preventable if you follow a few simple tips. Most of the automobile break-ins occur when the owner leaves the vehicle unlocked and something of value is left in the vehicle, usually in plain sight. These are preventable by simply locking your vehicle and hiding or removing valuables from your vehicle whether at home or at the store or gym.

Thefts of lawn equipment increase during the summer months and are also crimes of opportunity. Most thefts occur while the home owner is at the residence out working in the yard. The garage door is left open or lawn equipment such as blowers and weed eaters are left out in the driveway. Thieves will prowl neighborhoods and grab unsecure lawn equipment from driveways, yards or open garages while the unsuspecting homeowner is out working in the yard.

Please help stop these thefts by locking your vehicles and removing valuables from within the vehicle. Keep an outside light on illuminating your driveway and vehicles at night. Secure your lawn equipment in your garage and keep the garage shut and your house locked while you are in another area of the yard working or even when inside your home. By working together, we can reduce the opportunity for thieves to commit these crimes and make our communities a safer place for everyone.