The Community Resource Unit provides educational programs and safety information to local businesses and homeowners associations. 

Crime Prevention is a top priority for the Sheriff's Office, requiring the cooperation of law enforcement and community working together toward a common goal. The Community Resource Unit's mission is to prevent crime and disorder by working closely with members of the Sheriff's Office and community.

The Community Resource Unit's responsibilities include:

  • Develop and coordinate department crime prevention informational programs
  • Work closely with Operations Bureau personnel to provide crime prevention material and information as needed
  • Develop crime prevention seminars for the community and businesses
  • Conduct security surveys of residential, commercial and industrial businesses
  • Develop crime prevention displays for the community and businesses

The Unit is responsible for Explorer Post, VIPS, summer camps, parades and an assortment of activities and educational programs for both schools and community groups. 

If you have questions about our programs and services, please contact the Community Resource Coordinator.