Baliff's Section

The Guilford County Sheriff's Office bailiff sections in Greensboro and High Point provides the courtroom and its occupants with security by making sure they are safe. They search for contraband or other items that may pose as a danger. They make sure people are not armed as they enter the courtroom and confiscate any unauthorized weapons.

They also declare the entry of the judge into the courtroom and keep order during the trial, ensuring people attending trials do not communicate with the jury. The bailiff announces the courtroom rules and enforces those rules. When a jury is sequestered in a hotel, the bailiff is responsible for security. They accompany the jurors to restaurants or other areas, ensuring the jurors do not contact other people. Bailiffs also escort prisoners to and from court, handle evidence, ensure the judges have all necessary case files and supplies, and swear in witnesses.

Transportation Division 

The Transportation Section transports behavioral health patients and prisoners to correction facilities, and medical facilities every day of the year. Prisoners are transported to and from other county jails, Department of Correction facilities, and medical and behavioral health hospitals in and out of Guilford County.

Behavioral health patients are transported to hospitals in and out of Guilford County. There are currently 17 behavioral health hospitals that the Transportation Section transports patients to throughout the year.

The Transportation Section is responsible for the transportation of prisoners for judicial hearings on their scheduled court dates.