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If nutrient load reductions in the Lower New Hope and Haw River arms (Guilford and four local governments you implement for are in Haw River arm) are not reached by March 1, 2017, then a Stage 2 program will be required of local governments to further reduce nutrient loading. Also attached is Session Law on the section of the Jordan Rules that addresses nutrient load reduction for existing development (Stage 1 and Stage 2 programs) — please see page 2. While I have highlighted some key sections, I strongly recommend that you read and retain the entire document to help clarify any questions or concerns. Based on the timeline included in the rules, the earliest Guilford County would have to implement Stage 2 (if required) is late 2018. NOTE: The Jordan Rules session laws, state codes and all other information are available in their entirety at

Regarding the entire retrofit identification process for the Stage 1 annual report: The intent of this portion of the Jordan Rules is for local governments to be prepared if and when further nutrient load reductions are required. The Jordan Rules DO NOT require local governments to install the exact same retrofits that are identified during Stage 1 in annual reports. Instead, local governments have the option of identifying and implementing alternative BMPs that meet the required reduction levels — if and when — Stage 2 is required.

Ordinance Text Amendments Adopted November 19, 2009 by the Board of County Commissioners is now available. Click here to view

• Jordan Lake Water Quality Act Senate Bill 515

(The new SL 2013-395 (S515) delays further Jordan Lake rules implementation by three years.  Our interpretation is that the delay applies to all remaining parts of the existing development requirements.)

• Jordan Fact Sheet

• Jordan Session Law H239v6