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Inspection-A The Soil Erosion Control Section provides soil erosion inspection services. This section enforces the North Carolina State regulations on erosion and sedimentation control. The Soil Erosion Control Section is responsible for working with land developers to control erosion, preventing off-site sedimentation, and issues Grading Permits required for land-disturbing activities. They also interpret soil data, investigate complaints concerning erosion and complete final site plan and landscaping inspections.


Do you have questions like these listed below????

How to schedule a site plan and landscaping inspections?

What items are you inspecting for me to receive a Temporary Certificate Occupancy or Final Certificate of Occupancy?

How do I install erosion control devices?

Do I need a grading permit if I disturb less than an acre?

Am I exempt from getting a grading permit if I am zoned agriculture?

Where can I obtain a grading permit application?

When am I required to get an erosion control permit?

What is considered a land disturbance?

How do I submit plans to get an erosion control permit?

Who do I call if I see mud in the street near a construction site?


Our friendly staff is here to help. You can call the erosion control staff at (336) 641-3803 or schedule an inspection and submit complaints by calling (336) 641-3707.