Middle School Programs

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Know Soil, Know LifeGrade 6

Students will look at the importance of soil and how we live, as well as a historical overview of the progression of conservation practices in agriculture and land use in general. They will discuss the origin of soils across North Carolina, and investigate in particular the soil that is found in their own schoolyard.

Essential Standards Correlations: 6.E.2.3, 6.E.2.4, 6.G.1.4 and 6.G.2.1

Whirling Swirling Air PollutionGrade 7 

This activity uses storytelling to bring awareness to the air pollutants that we contribute to the air shed each day and explores the ways we can commit to reducing activities that contribute to air pollution.

Essential Standards Correlations: 7.E.1.6 and 7.G.1.3

Common WaterGrade 8

Students will learn about the distribution of water and the drinking water systems in their local community. They will participate in an interactive, outdoor activity highlighting changing water use over time. Warning: some students may get wet!

Essential Standards Correlations: 8.E.1.1 and 8.E.1.4

Water Quality! Ask the Bugs!Grade 8

Students will explore the importance of water quality and learn about different ways humans can monitor and steward our water resources. They will learn about macroinvertebrates as bio-indicators, and participate in a hands-on simulation of macroinvertebrate sampling. Optional Field Trip: Creek Investigation

Essential Standards Correlations: 8.L.3.1, 8.E.1.3 and 8.E.1.4