Lower Elementary School Programs (K-2)

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Seasons on the Farm
Grade K
Students use their own birthdays to build awareness of weather and seasonal changes and create their own weather books. Students will be able to name the seasons in “cycle” order; identify the season in which his/her birthday is in and describe the weather characteristics of that day; and describe at least three things that occur in each season.
Essential Science Standards: K.E.1.1, K.E.1.2 and K.E.1.3 
Essential Social Studies Standards: K.H.1.1, K.H.1.2 and K.G.2.1

Soil Searching
Grade 1
Students will discuss where their food comes from and participate in experiments and hands on investigations about what types of soils are best for growing their favorite veggies. Students will be able to differentiate between soil and dirt; recognize three basic soils through sight and touch; and identify the materials in soil.
Essential Science Standards: 1.E.2.1, 1.E.2.2 and 1.L.1.3
Essential Social Studies Standards: 1.G.2.1 and 1.G.2.2

Water Molecules in Motion
Grade 2
This activity brings water molecules up to size (student size!) by physically involving students in simulating molecular movement in each of water’s physical states (solid, liquid and gas). Students will be able to model the effects of heat energy on water’s state of matter and understand its movement through the cycle.
Essential Science Standards: 2.P.2.1, 2.P.2.2, 2.P.2.3 and 2.E.1.1
Essential Social Studies Standards: 2.G.2.1 and 2.G.2.2


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This year’s theme: “Water is Life”