High School Programs

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Get the Groundwater Picture

Students will deepen their understanding of the movement of groundwater through the lithosphere and its connection to surface water. They will additionally discuss water usage and water quality in their community.

Science Essential Standards Correlations: EEn.2.3.2, EEn.2.4.1, EEn.2.4.2

Connecting Ecosystems and Human Health

Students are prompted first to explore the concept of ecosystem services, then to examine their own local environment outdoors and how it may contain ecosystem services, and finally to consider the relationships between ecosystem services and human health.

Science Essential Standards Correlations: EEn.2.4.1, EEn.2.4.2, EEn.2.6.3, EEn.2.6.4, EEn.2.7.1, EEn.2.7.3, EEn.2.8.1 and EEn.2.8.2

Seeing Watersheds

Students will model river systems to illustrate the function of a watershed, and apply these concepts to an investigation of the Cape Fear River Basin. They will discuss human impacts in the Cape Fear, and learn about water conservation practices.

Science Essential Standards Correlations: EEn.2.3.2, EEn.2.4.1, EEn.2.4.2

Sum of All the Parts

Students will work in teams to create their dream business’s, only to find out that their connected through one watershed. They learn the flow of energy and cycling of water through ecosystems relating the significance to maintaining the health and sustainability of an ecosystem

Science Essential Standards Correlations: Bio.2.1.1, Bio.2.2.1, and Bio.2.2.2