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Effective January 1, 2015, the authority to assign or modify street addresses within unincorporated Guilford County, and through contractual agreements the Towns of Stokesdale, Oak Ridge, Pleasant Garden, Sedalia and Whitsett was granted to the Geographic Information Services Division of the Information Services Department.

The GIS Division is also responsible for the management of the Master Road Name database for all of Guilford County. This requires coordination between Municipalities within Guilford County, Emergency Services, Guilford Metro  9-1-1, and Developers for standardized road naming.

The GIS Division performs these addressing tasks with the cooperation and support of the Planning and Development Department.

Click here to view the Guilford County Development Ordinance – Street Name and Address Assignment Standards

Street Name Changes
Petitions for street name changes shall be submitted in writing for consideration by the Guilford County Planning Board, and upon appeal, by the Board of County Commissioners.
Click here for the Voluntary Petition

To view current street names in use in Guilford County click here Street Name List

To view New Street Name requirements click here  GCDO A-6 Street Names

To view Address Posting Standards click here  GCDO A-9 Posting Standards

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To reserve a new road name or questions about addressing, please contact:  – OR-  (336) 641-2337 (641-ADDR)
GIS Division
400 W. Market St.
Greensboro, NC 27402
PH: (336) 641-2337 (641-ADDR)
FAX: (336) 641-6332