Permitting & Inspections

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The Guilford County Permits Section provides Permitting Services for Unincorporated Guilford County and through contractual agreements, Permitting Services are provided for the Towns of Stokesdale, Oak Ridge, Pleasant Garden, Sedalia, Whitsett, Jamestown, Summerfield and the Piedmont Triad Airport Authority. A Development Clearance Certificate must be obtained from the Towns of Oak Ridge, Sedalia, Whitsett, Jamestown, Summerfield and PTAA prior to applying for any permit. The Permits Section issues permits for all classes of work including Building, Electrical, Plumbing and Mechanical. This section also schedules Inspections, coordinates Gas Meter Releases, Power Releases, and issues Certificates of Occupancy/Compliance.
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Obtaining the necessary permit is the first step in ensuring your development activity is successful and legal.

To obtain a Permit

Building Permit
• Contact the Permits Section at 336-641-3707 for Permitting Services before planning a visit to our office to verify information required.

Trade Permits
• Fax a request to our office at 336-641-3255 Fax Request Form

Single Trade Permit
• Click here to apply for a Single Trade Permit online using Accela Citizen Access
• Fax a request to our office at 336-641-3255 Fax Request Form                                                            

Contact Environmental Health for Well & Septic System information at (336)641-7613

For more information please contact us:

Permitting & Inspections    (336)641-3707 (O)   (336)641-3255 (F)

Permitting Chief,    Luis Jimenez   (336)641-3721

Commercial Permit Specialist,   Christi Bragg   (336)641-5768


The Inspections Section provides Building, Electrical, Mechanical/Plumbing and Soil/Erosion Inspection Services. This section enforces the NC State Building Codes and the Development Ordinance through inspections of building construction, plumbing, heating and cooling equipment, and electrical connections. The Soil Erosion Control Section is  responsible for working with land developers to control erosion and sedimentation, and also issues Grading Permits required for land-disturbing activities. They also interpret soil data for various activities, investigate complaints concerning erosion and complete final site plan and landscaping inspections.

To schedule next day Inspections

• Contact the Permits Section at 336-641-3707    please have the Permit # & Address available prior to calling
• Call our Automated IVR (Interactive Voice Response System) at 336-641-3833 
please have the Tracking # available prior to calling

• Click here for Accela Citizen Access online inspections

For more information please contact us:

Permitting & Inspections 336-641-3707 (O) 336-641-3255 (F)

Inspection Services Manager, Clarence Westcott 336-641-4956 (O)  336-669-1719 (M)

Building Chief, Cole Perkinson 336-641-3616 (O)  336-669-1727 (M)

Electrical Chief, Dee Hand 336-641-4855 (O)  336-669-1710 (M)        

Plumbing & Mech Chief, Casey Gerringer 336-641-8400 (O)  336-669-1709 (M)

Soil Erosion Control Chief, Earl Davis 336-641-3803 (O)  336-669-1720 (M)