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SW Management Planning Info

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The information presented in the following tables presents the quantities, characteristics and projected disposal rates of solid waste streams that will require management in Guilford County during the ten-year planning period from July 2012 through June 2021. Here are some definitions of terms used in these tables:

Baseline – the State of North Carolina has designated fiscal year 1991-92 as the baseline for comparison of solid waste disposal rates and waste reduction. Negative figures relating to waste reduction indicate an increase in the amount of waste disposed when compared to the baseline rate; positive figures relating to waste reduction indicate an actual reduction in the amount of waste disposed when compared to the baseline rate.

C&D Waste or Construction and Demolition Waste – solid waste resulting solely from construction, remodeling, repair or demolition operations on pavement, buildings or other structures, except inert debris, land clearing debris and yard waste.

LCID – land clearing and inert debris, including only concrete, brick, concrete block, uncontaminated soil, rock, gravel, untreated wood, limbs, leaves and stumps.

MSW or Municipal Solid Waste – any solid waste generated from the residential, commercial and industrial sectors other than hazardous waste, sludge, regulated industrial waste or solid waste resulting from an agricultural or mining operation.