Student Intern Opportunities

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Since 1996, Guilford County GIS has partnered with the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University to provide students with intern opportunities that will give them real world experience and in turn, real value to the citizens of Guilford County.

In our program, the students are exposed to training and education regarding how GIS and GPS technologies are applied in a real world setting. They are assigned meaningful job tasks and work directly with County staff members in varied situations. These assignments allow them to gain experience and confidence in their performance and capabilities in a professional workplace. We are confident that the experience gained through these intern agreements are beneficial to the student, the universities, and the citizens of Guilford County.

Over 60 students have worked with us as interns and they have gone on to careers in a variety of industries. We hope to continue these mutually beneficial opportunities into the future.

These internships are currently affiliated with the UNCG Geography Department and the NC A&T Geomatics Department.

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