System Guidelines

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Cost to Ride

Many of our services are funded through federal and state grants. The county supplements the funding with general tax revenue. In many cases the trips are free. In cases where the fare applies it is $2.50 one-way.


Call 641-3000 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, to make your trip reservations. Drivers cannot schedule trips for you. Reservations must be made by 12 noon on the working day before your trip. For bus tickets, you must call three days before the day of your trip.

  • When you call for a trip reservation, please have the following information available:
  • Your name and pick-up address. 
  • Your telephone number and a telephone number at your destination.
  • The address of your destination.
  • Your Medicaid number, if you have one.
  • The date and time of your trip.Whether an assistant will be traveling with you, you are in a wheelchair, or you will need other special assistance. 

Cancellations & No-Show Policy

To cancel your trip, call 641-2561 at least one hour before your pick-up time. Otherwise, you will be considered a "no show." Drivers will wait five minutes for riders after the scheduled pick-up time. A rider who does not show after five minutes will also be considered a "no show" and the driver will leave. The return trip may be cancelled. A client with two "no-show" trips within 30 days may be put on probation and/or denied further service. 

Travel Tips

  • Your driver can arrive 20 minutes prior to or 20 minutes after your scheduled pickup time and be considered on time. So it is advisable to be ready at least 30 minutes prior to your scheduled pickup time. 
  • Our service is a shared-ride so other person may be on the vehicle and other trips made while you are riding. 
  • Keep your seatbelt buckled. 
  • All Wheelchairs must have working seatbelts and footrests. 
  • Eating, drinking, smoking, tampering with vehicle equipment and inappropriate or unsafe behavior are not allowed

Personal Care Assistants

One personal care assistant may ride with you. When you make your reservation, please tell the call-taker if a personal care assistant will be riding with you.

Inclement Weather

Snow, ice storms or other severe weather may require us to cancel service for the safety of our riders. There are three ways to check service status during inclement weather:

  • Watch WFMY-TV 2 or Fox 8, information is posted along with other closings and delays. 
  • Check the county’s web site at Information will be posted on the home page.
  • Call 641-2561 during normal business between 4:50 AM and 6:00 PM. 

Non-English speaking calls are assisted through Fluent Languages

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