Information/MAPP Dates

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Boy holding sign that says, "Information for GC foster parents"2019 Information Session Dates

  • Jan. 7th (GSO) 
  • Jan. 24th (GSO) 
  • Feb. 4th (High Point) 
  • Feb. 21st (High Point) 
  • March 4th (GSO)
  • March 21st (GSO)
  • April 1st  (High Point)
  • April 18th (High Point)
  • May 6th  (GSO)
  • May 23rd (GSO)
  • June 3rd (High Point)
  • June 20th (High Point)
  • July 1st (GSO)
  • July 18th (GSO)
  • August 5th (High Point)
  • August 22nd (High Point)
  • September 9th (GSO)
  • Sept. 26th (GSO)
  • Oct. 7th (High Point)
  • Oct. 24th (High Point) 
  • November 4th (GSO)
  • Nov. 21st (GSO)
  • December 2nd  (High Point)
  • December 19th (GSO) 

*High Point orientation sessions will be held at High Point DSS- 325 E. Russell Ave. All other orientation sessions will be at Greensboro DSS- 1203 Maple St.

Information sessions are from 6-7pm. You do not need to RSVP.

For questions please contact Chris Hines at (336) 641-3835

2019 MAPP Dates

  • Feb 2nd – Mar 2nd  Saturdays only (9am – 4pm)
  • May 7th – June 6th  Tues – Thurs (6pm – 9pm)
  • Aug 3rd – Aug 31st  Saturdays only (6pm – 9pm)
  • Oct 1st – Nov 31st Tues – Thurs (6pm – 9pm) 

*MAPP training is a total of 30 mandated hours.