Other Services and Programs

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Guilford Adolescent Prevention Services (Gaps)

Greensboro: 641-3000
High Point: 641-3000

The GAPS Program exists to help meet the demands for comprehensive services for Guilford County’s undisciplined and delinquent juvenile population whose behaviors have put them at risk for out of home placement. The goal is to maintain the family unit by providing youth and their guardians with intensive wraparound services that will help meet the needs of these youth who are having trouble at home, school, and with the Juvenile Justice System. This is a voluntary program and there is no charge for participation in the GAPS Program.

In-Home Aide Services

Greensboro: 641-3717
High Point: 641-3717

To assist adults and their families to attain or maintain self-sufficiency and improve the quality of life.


Greensboro: 641-3000
High Point: 641-7771

To pay medical expenses for eligible aged, blind, and disabled individuals and families with dependent children.

Program Integrity (Fraud Investigation)

Program Integrity investigates internal and external fraud. The unit is responsible for investigating eligibility errors, recouping over-payments and notifying the programs of the source of errors made from client or employee error and/or employee fraud. The majority of the money recouped is returned to the applicable State or Federal program for redistribution.

A Fraud Hotline to report fraud concerns is manned by Program Integrity staff: (336) 641-4741

Representative Payee

Greensboro: 641-2514
High Point: 641-2514

To provide a stable lifestyle through management of funds for persons who are unable to manage their own funds.

Services for the Blind

Greensboro: 641-3349
High Point: 641-3348

To enable visually impaired persons to regain or maintain a level of safety and independence and remain in their current living and work situations.

Work First Employment

Greensboro: 641-3000
High Point: 641-7771

To reduce dependence on public assistance through assisting persons to become gainfully employed and self-supporting.