Health FAQs

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  • How do I get a copy of my child's immunization record? How much does it cost?

  • Is there a translation service available for immunization records?

  • Is a scheduled appointment required for immunizations or can I walk in?

  • Is it safe to give my child more than one immunization shot per visit?

  • Are immunization vaccines covered by my health insurance?

  • What side effects can I expect from immunization vaccines?

  • Locations and directions for Public Health

  • How do I know if my child's immunization record is up to date?

  • I am working on a paper for school about childhood illnesses. Does the Health Department have any information that will help me?

  • I am looking for a guest speaker for my civic club. Does the Health Department have individuals who can provide a group presentation or a booth at a health fair?

  • Can my child's health care provider give immunization vaccine shots?