What is a TFE? It’s government wording for Temporary Food Establishment. A Temporary Food Establishment is associated with a gathering such as a carnival, festival, fair or other sponsored events that are for a specific time frame. We use these regulations frequently from early spring to late fall of each year. If you want to operate at multiple events, then a mobile food unit permit may be required.  Click on the mobile food unit tab for information and application requirements. Here’s a short list of key requirements for a Vendor of a Temporary Food Establishment:


  • Enclosure: No outdoor cooking or handling of open food product is allowed. All unpackaged foods must be stored, handled, prepared and cooked inside an approved enclosure. Enclosures (trailers, tents and booths) must be screened or glassed-in on all four sides. A small (18″ – 24″) pass-through window can be provided for serving food to customers.
  • Handwashing: An approved handwashing facility must be provided inside the enclosure. At least a two gallon closed container of potable water, equipped with a cutoff valve and a bucket to catch wastewater must be provided and used. A pump soap dispenser filled with anti-bacterial soap and single-use paper towels are required.
  • Food Protection: All food items must be from an approved source and be stored in the original packaging materials. No home processed food is allowed.  A complete menu must accompany your application. All ice must be from an approved source.  Adequate refrigerators and freezers with accurate thermometers must be provided. Ice, freeze packs and ice chests are not permitted to refrigerate foods.
  • Clean and Sanitary Equipment: All equipment and utensils must be clean and sanitized as needed. Household bleach and a spray bottle should be provided for sanitizing equipment and utensils.  A means for providing hot water for cleaning equipment and utensils is needed.  Three basins of sufficient size are needed to wash, rinse and sanitize multi-use utensils.
  • Permit: A Temporary Food Establishment permit must be obtained from this Department before regulated foods can be prepared or sold. Operational Permits will be issued as soon as an inspection of your facility determines that it’s in compliance with the Regulations and pre-approved menu.

Ask Us before the Event in order to appraise us of your particular situation.