Mobile Food Units

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A mobile food unit or food truck is like a restaurant that is designed to be readily moved. They are fully enclosed units that have the ability to cook food on location.  All units are required to have hot and cold pressurized potable water for hand washing and utensil washing.  All units are required to submit an application and go through plan review before being permitted.

Equipment on a Mobile Food Unit must meet ANSI/NSF standards or equivalent like a restaurant and must operate in conjunction with a permitted commissary or restaurant that they return to daily. All units must provide a schedule of operations to the County Health Department that they will be operating in.  It must include dates, times and location of operations.  If mobile food units are found operating without notifying the health department they may be asked to leave since that is a violation of the permit.


Push Carts

A push cart is smaller than a mobile food unit and has a menu limited to serving hot dogs and/or food that is prepackaged and individually proportioned. All push carts must operate in conjunction with a permitted commissary or restaurant and must submit an application for plan review before being permitted.  Just like Mobile Food Units operators are required to contact the local health department with dates, times and locations of operations prior to setting up for business.  Carts must return to the commissary daily for cleaning/sanitizing and restocking.

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