The number of children with asthma in Guilford County is increasing. Asthma is the most common chronic disease among children today. It is also the #1 reason why children miss school and one of the leading reasons why children visit the emergency room. Guilford County Children’s Environmental Health Division and other community partners are working together to educate the public on how to make their home a healthy home which includes information on a variety of hazards found in the home. These include: asthma triggers, eliminating mold and moisture, integrated pest management, minimizing exposure to lead based paint hazards, and having a safe home environment. We offer free healthy home assessments for children that have been diagnosed with asthma and reside in Guilford County. The assessment covers a variety of areas that may or may not be obvious asthma triggers along with any safety concerns noticed during the assessment. According to the Environmental Protection Agency children spend about 90% of their time indoors either at home or at home and school. We want every child to have a safe and healthy home. Visit NC Healthy Homes website for more information and tips on green cleaning recipes, a schedule for basic home maintenance and other information on how to make your home a healthy home. For more information, visit Contact Us for details or to schedule your assessment.