Family Planning Services

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The Guilford County Department of Public Health provides comprehensive family planning services for women and men (adult and teen). Any resident of North Carolina may receive family planning services. All services provided are strictly confidential regardless of the age of the patient. Parental involvement is encouraged with minors, but not required. Men are encouraged to participate in our program. They can receive information on reproductive health issues that affect men in private one-on-one sessions.

Scope of Care

Family planning care that we provide is based on current recommendations from the Women and Children’s Division of the North Carolina Department of Public Health. New patient visits and annual return visits include a complete examination, Pap test as indicated, and other laboratory tests as needed. Care also includes a full range of birth control options as well as education and counseling.

Services Provided

  • Physical Examination
  • Birth Control
  • Health Education
  • Short-term Counseling
  • Laboratory Tests
  • Pregnancy Tests
  • Male/Female Sterilization
  • Adult Immunizations
  • HIV Testing and Counseling
  • Sexually Transmitted Infection Counseling, Testing, and Treatment

Information Covered During Clinic Visits

  • How the male and female reproductive systems work.
  • How to do your monthly breast self examination.
  • How all methods of birth control work to prevent pregnancy.
  • Correct use of these methods.
  • The risks, benefits, and side effects of each method.
  • Additional information about the method you use.
  • Information about abstinence, natural family planning and sterilization.
  • How to plan a healthy pregnancy.
  • The risks, symptoms, and complications of sexually transmitted infections, including HIV/AIDS.

In order to better serve you, we have begun a new appointment system. This system will allow you to book an appointment for the same day you call or the next day. As with any new system, we are working out the kinks. Please be patient with us as we begin to provide this new service. Whether you wish to be seen for your appointment in Greensboro or High Point, just call one number: 336-641-3245. This line will accommodate both English and Spanish speakers.

Clinic/Department Policies

Patients ages 18 and younger as well as most full-time college students may receive services at no charge (free). We also accept Medicaid, Blue Cross Blue Shield and UnitedHealthcare for family planning services provided in our clinics. Patients with other insurance plans will need to pay for their visit in full at the time of service. A claim will be filed on the patient’s behalf and if payment is received, the patient will be receive a refund. Patients who do not have insurance and are not eligible for Medicaid may purchase services at a reduced rate based on income and number of dependents. Patients will be asked to provide proof of income to determine cost of services. If you have questions about our clinic services, call the Family Planning Clinic at 336-641-3245 for more information.

Many women and men are eligible for North Carolina Be Smart Medicaid (also called Family Planning Medicaid Waiver). This provides Family Planning medical services as well as most contraceptives at no cost to the individual. Eligible recipients are ages 19 to 55 (for women) and 19 to 60 (for men.) Recipients must be United States citizens or documented immigrants, residents of North Carolina, and not incarcerated, pregnant, or permanently sterilized. Individuals must also meet certain financial requirements. For more information about Be Smart, call 336-641-3245. You will be transferred to an eligibility specialist who can answer your questions and help you complete the application.

Our Department provides a later clinic on Tuesday evenings, with the last appointment time being 5:30 pm. Please call 336-641-3245 to schedule an appointment in either our Greensboro or High Point office.

It is the responsibility of patients to cancel and reschedule any appointments they cannot attend ahead of time.