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 Our Hiring Process

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We are always seeking talented individuals to join our team to better serve our citizens. Due to the volume of applications we receive each year, we have created this resource page to help navigate through our hiring process. 

If you have additional questions after reviewing the steps, please use the information at the bottom to contact us.

Apply for a Career

Are you ready to begin a rewarding career in public service?  If so, we encourage you to apply to any positions that match with your interests and qualifications on our website.  Be sure to check out the job description first as you must meet the required minimum qualifications to be considered.

Application Screening

When we seek to add a new team member to our highly talented workforce, we look for those that best meet our preferred qualifications. HIRING TIP: It is important that all education and experience be detailed within the application's Education and Work Experience sections to be considered.

Panel Interview

We conduct panel interviews made up of hiring managers and key personnel to ensure a diverse and thorough process.  For a detailed description of what you can expect, please click on the Interview Orientation PDF file below. HIRING TIP: Arrive on time prepared and ready to engage with our team.  We are excited to meet you!


Positions that require special knowledge, skills, and/or abilities may need to be assessed as part of the selection process.  In these cases, you will be notified beforehand of the requirements.  Some departments may encourage job shadowing so that the candidate can see if the day-to-day aspects of the job are a good fit.

Contingent Job Offer

Following interviews, the panel submits its recommendations to the department director.  A contingent offer will be extended with benefits information and we encourage you to ask additional questions you may have prior to accepting the offer.


We conduct pre-employment checks that are fast and easy to complete for the candidate.


Congratulations!  We will reach out to give you guidance on what to expect on your first day and with directions on how to complete required new hire tasks to ensure you have great onboarding experience.

Have additional questions?  Contact us by calling (336) 641-3324.