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The Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA), also known as SARA Title III, contains regulations regarding the storage and release of hazardous materials, including the Tier II requirements.  The Guilford County LEPC has prepared this guide to assist Guilford County businesses in compliance with these federal regulations.  The guide also addresses the requirements of the North Carolina Right-to-Know Act.

2019 SARA Compliance Guide

2019 SARA Compliance Quick Reference Sheet

On January 1, 2015, North Carolina began collecting a Tier II fee from facilities that are required to file under EPCRA.  The state’s fee will be calculated based on the number of reported chemicals and collected by E-plan at the time of report submission.  The Hazardous Facility Planning Fee that Guilford County has been collecting from Tier II reporting facilities since 2012 is separate from the state fee.  Guilford County’s fee is based upon maximum annual quantity of total EPCRA reportable chemicals on-site.  Facilities will receive a bill from Guilford County in August for the Hazardous Facility Planning Fee. 

Information Below details how agencies within Guilford County process and handle Tier II Data.

The Guilford County LEPC (inclusive of all towns and cities in Guilford County) requires electronic submission of Tier II files directly into E-Plan and will not accept paper submissions.  EPlan submittal fulfills your Tier II reporting requirements to submit to the LEPC, local Fire Department, and North Carolina Emergency Management. Reports that are submitted solely as hard copies will be returned and an acknowledgement of receipt will not be provided. 

To file electronically, go to www.erplan.net and click on the EPlan – Online Filing (Tier Two) option sentence written in Red directly under the WELCOME title. Training on the program is available on the website under “EPlan Online Training.”

EPlan also provides for the addition of contingency plans, site maps, etc., under the Additional Documents section.

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