Contingency Plan Submission

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The Guilford County LEPC and response community  STRONGLY recommend that sites store their Emergency and Contingency Plans on the EPlan website.  This provides  responders with immediate access to the information they need to respond.

As long as your information is updated on EPlan (and includes the appropriate information), there is no need to send separate, registered letters to each response agency with the information that is contained in your plan. HOWEVER, there remains the chance that there could be an issue during inspection, depending on the inspector.  If this is the case, please contact Guilford County Emergency Management immediately and we will make sure to work through the issue with you.
A couple of things to remember about Contingency Plans:

  1. Make sure that your contingency Plan meets 265.37 requirements for Preparedness and Prevention (evacuation routes, emergency equipment, etc.).
  2. Make sure that only the most current version of your Emergency/Contingency Plan is on the EPlan site.  A recommendation is to include the Revision Number and Date in your document title so that responders can be sure to open the most current version in case of emergency.
  3. If you are a large site, or have the potential for mass casualty incidents, significant off site consequences, or major fire/explosion, it may not be enough to merely put the information on EPlan.  Instead, you may need to consider more in depth dialogue with your response agencies specific to your site and needs.