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The purpose of the LEPC:

  • To identify business facilities in Guilford County that manufacture, process, or store hazardous chemicals and to assist these facilities in preparing emergency response plans;
  • To inform and educate the public about chemical facilities in the community and actions that can be taken in the event of an accidental chemical spill or release into the environment; and
  • To work to assist governmental and emergency response agencies in being well prepared to respond to and handle any and all emergencies, associated with chemical spills or releases, that may occur in Guilford County.

The Guilford County LEPC meets on the second Thursday of the month. Check out our Meeting Schedule to view meeting dates/places.

Various industries volunteer to host the meetings and provide the meeting location. Each meeting includes programs to inform and instruct the attendees on a wide range of emergency, environmental, safety and other topics.

Please visit our site often for up-to-date information about emergency planning in Guilford County.

Postal Mail Communications with the LEPC can be addressed to:

Guilford County LEPC
C/O Guilford County Emergency Management
1002 Meadowood Street
Greensboro, NC 27409

Please note the Guilford County LEPC does not accept paper copies of Tier II reports.