Fire Plan Reviews

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Fire Marshal's Fire Plans Examiner Duties:

  • Review construction plans for commercial and public accessible buildings and multi-family dwellings to make sure construction materials and methods meet the minimum fire and life safety requirements of the 2018 NC Fire Code, National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards, and amendments to the fire code as adopted by Guilford County Code of Ordinances
  • Issue certificates of occupancy. 

Prices are listed below for specific types of review. See our complete list of Fees at Fire Prevention Fee Schedule.

Submit your building plans to Guilford County Planning and Zoning at .

For permits and plans specifically related to the Fire Marshal's Office and Fire Code submit your information to or email a location that the plans can be uploaded from to the same email.  

**note: Guilford County Fire Marshal's Office no longer takes paper plans as of April 1st, 2020.  All plans for review will need to be submitted digitally to .**

If you are unsure if your project is in our jurisdiction you can go to Guilford County GIS and search your property address.

    Guilford County Fire Marshal
    c/o Fire Plans Examiner

    1002 Meadowood St.
    Greensboro, NC 27409
     Phone: 336-641-6541
     Fax: 336-641-6538


For questions about TRC/Site Reviews, contact:
Guilford County Planning and Zoning at:
    Phone: 336-641-3334
    Fax: 336-641-3255

Learn more about related requirements for your project by visiting Development Services.

Fees & Plan Requirements for Review

 Plan types  cost  quantity
 Sprinkler/Standpipes  $125
per system
Electronic Submittal
 Fire Alarm Systems

 $125 per system

Electronic Submittal
Commercial Cooking Systems (AES systems)  $100 per system  Electronic Submittal
 Tank Installation  $100 per tank  Electronic Submittal
 Emergency Radio System  $100 per system  Electronic Submittal
 Hazardous Storage Systems  $100 per system  Electronic Submittal
 Industrial Oven  $100 per oven  Electronic Submittal
 Spray & Dipping Processes  $100 per system  Electronic Submittal
 Smoke Control Systems  $100 per system  Electronic Submittal
 Solar System $100 per system   Electronic Submittal
 Gates & Barricades  $50 per system  Electronic Submittal

Plan Submittal Guidelines 

  • Requirements conform to the 2018 NC Fire Code, as adopted and amended by the Guilford County, and any applicable NFPA standards.
  • Guidelines do not replace or supersede any codes and/or ordinances adopted by the Guilford County or any determinations by the Plan Reviewer/Fire Marshal.
  • All fire alarm plan submittals must be sealed by a professional engineer (PE). Contact the Plan Reviewer/Fire Marshal for additional guidance.
  • All plan submittals and calculations must be accompanied by the appropriate plan review fees.
  • Plans are reviewed in the order they were submitted. 
  • Plan reviews will be completed as soon as possible. Plan revisions, changes, or incomplete submittal packages may delay your final plan approval.
  • Any deviation from the approved plans requires a plan resubmittal prior to inspection. Failure to submit revised plans prior to the inspection may result in a delay for inspection and sign-off.   
  • Building construction plans are not reviewed until the civil plans have been approved.
  • Plan approvals give final authorization for construction and are subject to field inspection and verification.
  • Plan approvals do not release the contractor or property owner from responsibility of full compliance with all applicable codes and ordinances relating to the construction project.

Plan Type Specifics (from chart above)


  • Two sets of NICETT Level 3 or 4 plans are required to be submitted with hydraulic calculations.
  • Provide cut sheets on heads and pipe scheduling.
  • Owner's information certificate
  • If adding, relocating  or moving more than 20 heads requires plans submittal.


  • Two sets of professional engineered (PE) signed and sealed plans are required to be submitted.
  • If PE signed fire alarm plans are included in the electrical plans for building plan submittal, shop drawings will suffice.
  • Battery calculation need to be included in the plans.
  • If adding less than five devices, no plan is required, but a field acceptance testing is required.
  • If replacing a fire alarm control panel, cut sheets and a review with acceptance test is required.
  • When using 2 communication pathways for an alarm system the secondary method has to be a alternative method (can not be a standard copper telecommunication line)

 Commercial Cooking Systems

  • Two sets of plans showing tank, flow points, nozzles used and the heights are required to be submitted.
  • Plans need to show appliances, pipe sizes, and pull station location.
  • Acknowledge class K extinguisher and interconnection with fire alarm system, if it is present.

Spray Booths

  • Two sets of plans showing booth dimensions, nozzles and protection areas are required to be submitted.
  • Duct and plenum compliance with NFPA 17.
  • Show location of manual pull station.
  • Building plans for spray booths are also required to be submitted.

Tank Installation

  • Two sets of plans showing site plan with tank location are required to be submitted.
  • Cut sheets on tank with UL listing and secondary containment are required to be submitted.
  • Tank installation will be reviewed in accordance with NFPA 30 and 2018 NCIFC Chapter 23 and 57. 

Testing and Final inspections

  • Guilford County Fire Marshal's Office is a 100% witness agency.  This mean that all tests and inspections have to be witness by a representative of GCFMO. A documented test not witness will not be accepted.
  • It is recommended that systems be tested by the installer prior to contact for a final inspection or test of a system to reduce overall cost to the customer.
  • Flushing of underground systems and hydrants shall be done with no less that a 4" line.  If the system is less that 4" in size then the flush shall be of an equal size to the system.  If the system is larger than 4" then the system will have to be flushed with a quantity of the greatest demand or 4" line which ever is greatest.
  • Fire alarm test will include all devices affected by the install to include communication verification, notification devices,  & detection devices.
  • Inspection and testing can be scheduled by call 336-641-7565