About EMS

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Guilford County EMS is the sole paramedic level provider of pre-hospital services to the entire population of Guilford County. County paramedic transport units are easily recognizable by their distinctive yellow and white paint scheme. All County EMS units are staffed by at least one paramedic. Support units are generally painted white with yellow striping to identify their role on the scene of an emergency support units include “Medic” units that are routinely staffed with one personnel that respond to emergencies to assess and treat patients at the paramedic level until transport units arrive. Disaster and rehabilitation units are also considered support units. Guilford County EMS employs approximately 160 full-time and 50 part-time personnel.

A typical day at EMS begins with crew change. Off-going crews exchange equipment and important information with on-coming personnel. On duty personnel acquire all the necessary equipment to be prepared to receive calls, respond to calls, assess, treat and transport patients. As soon as possible, the on duty crews check all equipment assigned to their unit. This includes a verification that the vehicle is ready for a safe response to calls and is equipped to handle any medical emergency the crew may encounter. Other general duties include housekeeping at the base of operations, training and equipment maintenance or cleaning. Most EMS personnel work a fixed 12-hour schedule, however EMS is adding alternatives such on a 10 hour and 14 hours basis to meet the citizen needs. Crews respond to anywhere from two calls per shift in rural areas, to as many as 15 calls per shift in urban areas. It is not unusual for crews to work the entire shift without the convenience of meal or personal breaks. On an average day, Guilford County EMS fields variable 10-18 transport units, 5-6 quick response units and 1 supervisor’s unit.

To schedule a tour of a Guilford County EMS facility, please contact Yolanda Harris at 336-641-3811.