GUILFORD COUNTY IS UNDER A STATE OF EMERGENCY DECLARATION EFFECTIVE October 11, 2018.  Citizens are ENCOURAGED to stay off the roadways during the impact and post-impact timeframes of the storm if reasonably possible, to limit travel as to not interfere with the efforts of emergency responders and repair crews. Citizens should not enter flooded areas including flooded roadways and structures.

Response Programs

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truck_overturnedThe Guilford County Office of Emergency Management works to provide support to local response agencies as requested. Emergency management personnel are available to respond and coordinate 24 hours a day and can be requested by calling Guilford Metro 9-1-1 Communications.

Some functions that emergency management can coordinate are:

  • On scene agency coordination
  • Resource requests
  • Outside agency coordination
  • Incident management support
  • Technical assistance
  • Liaison to State and Federal emergency management
  • Active Guilford County Emergency Operations Center
  • Active Guilford County Joint Information Center