Wellness Program

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The Guilford County Juvenile Detention Center is committed to teaching the youth we serve the importance of a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle.  We are dedicated to developing the physical and mental health for the youth to improve proper growth and body conditioning; and reconditioning a person’s mind in ways that promote healthy lifestyles through proper eating habits and exercising.



The Guilford County Juvenile Detention Center offer programs and services that incorporate educational classes that target nutrition and healthy eating and large muscle activities that teach physical strength and conditioning.  The juveniles are provided a minimum of one-hour per day large muscle recreation as mandated by statue, this includes the weekend.  In addition, special programs are offered during the school year: including holidays, as well as during the summer enrichment program months.
The programs offered are:


This program allows every child an opportunity to plant, maintain and harvest fruits and vegetables from the facility’s Karma garden “You reap what you sow.”  The juveniles are taught how to utilize gardening tools and equipment to prepare and setup a garden.  In addition, the juveniles have an opportunity to eat the fruits and vegetables that are harvest.  The items are prepared in the kitchen and served to the juveniles.


Health and Wellness Education class and group counseling session:

The health and wellness classes/groups teach the juveniles about making appropriate decisions about what they put in their bodies.  In addition, this course teaches the juveniles the positive effects of exercising and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Nutrition Class:

The nutrition class incorporates basic math skills which allow the juveniles to learn how to count calories and monitor fat gram intake.  The class also teaches how to read labels and become knowledgeable of different ingredients utilized in foods.

Mind, Body, and Soul Physical Fitness Class:

The mind, body, and soul class requires the juveniles to learn and utilize weight training equipment.  They will demonstrate and maintain a full body weight and resistance training regiment during the duration of the juvenile’s stay at the facility.  In addition, each juvenile will successfully complete a running course designed to improve stamina and conditioning.  The class also teaches how to condition your mind using meditation techniques to improve quality of life.

Foundation Fitness Class:

The foundation fitness class incorporates aerobic movements, high intense stationary    movements, and cool-down techniques to develop muscle growth and strength. The juveniles are taught how to utilize simple items at home to develop a healthy lifestyle without having access to a gym or training facility.


The Guilford County Juvenile Detention Center mental and physical fitness program mission is to promote a healthy lifestyle for every juvenile in the center.  We are committed to develop the “total child” so that they will not only become productive men and women in our society by obeying the law but they will also have the “competence” to live a long and healthy lifestyle.


USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer.