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dlogan_directorWelcome to the Court Alternatives Department/Juvenile Detention website, hopefully this will provide you the accessibility to staff and our best practice programs. If you need further information, please feel free to contact us.

As Director, I am responsible for a group of young people in Guilford County and throughout North Carolina that have in some way violated the Juvenile codes of this state, their behaviors make our department necessary; In spite of their undisciplined & delinquent behaviors they are OUR future; therefore WE must strive to hold them accountable through a balance of therapeutic and punitive punishments that render hope of them becoming productive citizens.

While rehabilitation of these youth is our primary goal, public safety for the citizens of Guilford County and throughout North Carolina must never be compromised or minimized – youth will be held responsible and accountable for their criminal actions. Through the well trained employees of this department we will teach youth to NOT take for granted the victims or potential victims who deserve a community that is safe for them and their families.

It is my belief that through strong collaboration with community partners and the actions of this department we have an opportunity to change the minds and attitudes of at risk youth here in Guilford County and throughout North Carolina.

Thank you for your interest in the Guilford County Court Alternatives Department.

Doug Logan

Court Alternatives Director

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