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The Regional Juvenile Detention Center

The Regional Juvenile Detention Center is dedicated to serving the area’s juvenile justice needs by providing safe and secure custody to juveniles between the ages of eight and sixteen who are awaiting court action or transfers to other facilities. Each year the Center temporarily houses approximately 1200 juveniles. The facility is approximately 25,000 square feet, is situated on 10 acres of land, and has a bed capacity of 44 divided into six self-contained housing units (PODs).

A full educational program, facilitated via partnership with the Guilford County Schools, is conducted on a concept, rather than unit, basis to make it easier for a child to acclimate to the work at any given time. Particular emphasis is placed on remedial reading and math.

Juveniles are also provided routine and emergency healthcare by registered nurses provided through Correct Care Solutions. They also have opportunities to participate in indoor and outdoor physical education and recreation. And all activities, exits and entrances are visually monitored at all times from the Center’s control room.

USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer.