Guilford County Parks operates and maintains approximately 1,800 acres of passive park land and over 300 miles of trails. Passive parks enhance the County’s water quality, preserve wildlife habitats, and protect natural areas for the enjoyment of current and future residents.

Passive recreation is allowed on these properties, where activity is limited due to the natural resources on the site; including low impact trails, possibly restrooms, benches, water fountain, campsites, biking, horseback riding, environmental education, greenways etc. This is an unorganized, mostly unstructured and non-competitive activity or activities.

All passive parks are open to the public 7 days a week from 8am-dusk. For additional information, please call 336-641-3544

Preserve Grand Openings

Boldmoon ribbon-cutting
Boldmoon Grand Opening

Richardson-Taylor grand opening
Richardson-Taylor Grand Opening

Brooks Bridge ribbon-cutting
Brooks Bridge Grand Opening

Cascades ribbon-cutting
Cascades Grand Opening