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Please call for Low Water Crossing information.

Whether hiking, biking, or riding horses; whether novice or veteran, Northeast Park has a trail fit for you. Over 10 miles of trails wind through the property. Walkers enjoy the 8/10 mile paved path that rings the center of the park. Many trails are exclusive to equestrians and are situated throughout the facility. Ample horse trailer parking and walking ring are available. Hikers and bikers can choose from an array of trails; flat or elevated, rugged or smooth, long or short. Be sure to cross the creek at the low water crossing and experience some of the nicest hike, bike, and horse trails in the park. Maps are available in front of the park offices and at the bulletin board in the horse trailer parking lot.

Northeast Park Trail Map

Buffalo Creek Trail remains closed until further notice. We apologize for any inconvenience.




Beyond Low Water Crossing

Holly Ridge           0.7 miles
Stoney Brook        0.6 miles
Ridge Maze Loop 0.4 miles
Brown Loop          0.4 miles

Left Side of Park

Bear Hollow          0.2 miles
Pine Bluff             0.2 miles
King Pond            0.5 miles
Hitching Post       0.2 miles
Reedy Creek Loop  0.7 miles

Right Side of Park

Turkey Hollow       0.8 miles





Beyond Low Water Crossing

Cat Claw             0.8 miles
Tobacco Barn       0.8 miles
Fox Trot              1.5 miles

Left side of Park

Roberts Loop         0.3 miles
Deer Run              0.6 miles
Buffalo Creek        1.5 miles
Reedy Overlook     1.1 miles
Pinto                    0.5 miles
Palomino              0.6 miles

Right Side of Park

Venus Run            0.1 miles
Bucks Lane           1.0 miles
Walking Path        0.8 miles


Blueway Trails/ Paddle Access

Paddlers can access our blueway trail at the low water crossing