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trails2-300x200Hagan-Stone Park offers nearly nine miles of unpaved trails for hikers and bikers. The park host many collegiate and high school cross country meets, as well as 5K and 10K runs.

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The Chatfield Trail, which follows the perimeter of the park, is approximately four miles long. This is the longest trail within the park and it connects with every other trail in the park. Parking is available near the park entrance and other areas within the park.

The Ridge Trail is approximately 1.7 miles long and makes its loop on the east side of the park. Parking is available nearby. The trail connects with the Chatfield Trail.

The H.M. Draper Jr. Trail is approximately 1.5 miles. This trail makes its loop on the west side of the park, around the campground areas. The trail connects to the Chatfield and Dogwood trails.

The Dogwood Trail is approximately one mile long, making its loop in the southwest corner of the park. This trail also connects with the Chatfield and Draper trails.

The Schoolhouse Trail is the shortest trail in the park at approximately a half mile in length. The trail is located east of the campgrounds.