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fishing1Fishing is allowed from the banks of all four of the lakes and ponds in Hagan-Stone Park from 8 am until sunset each day. The cost to fish is $1 per person per day, or you can buy an annual pass for $35. Children 12 and younger may fish for free.

All lakes within Hagan-Stone Park are governed by the NC Wildlife Commission rules and regulations. All fishermen age 16 and older must have a fishing license. Please verify license information with the NC Wildlife Commission before you go fishing. To buy your license online, visit the NC Wildlife Resources Commission’s website.

While fishing at Hagan-Stone Park, please place all trash and used fishing line in trash receptacles so that everyone can enjoy a clean fishing experience.

Community Fishing Program

Largemouth bass, bream, crappie and catfish all live in these lakes. The largest lake at the park (23 acres) is used for the Community Fishing Program. This joint project between Guilford County and the Fisheries Division of the NC Wildlife Commission provides area anglers with the opportunity to catch and keep channel catfish. This project also improves the fishing quality of the lake while giving anglers a better-than-average chance of catching catfish. Revenues from the fishing fees collected also help pay for this program.

Every month between April and October, the Fisheries Division delivers 1,000 catfish to the lake. These fish are 8-10 inches long and are hungry for your hooks. Although these fish are small, two different feeding areas are set up with solar powered feeders to provide the young fish with plenty of food to help them grow. And grow they do! Many people catch fish in the three-pound range on a regular basis and some 15-pound fish have been caught.