Animal Services COVID-19 Updates

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Effective March 18, 2020 Guilford County Animal Services is cancelling all special public events, classes, tours, and rabies clinics through April 13. The county will continue to assess events scheduled for mid-April.

Because of the increased urgency related to the current COVID-19 pandemic, Guilford County Animal Services is making additional necessary changes to operations. These changes are necessary to protect the health of our staff, volunteers and visitors so we can ensure continuity of service to citizens and positive outcomes for the adoptable pets in our care.


Pet adoptions will be done by appointment only with curbside pet pick-ups.

Please call 336-641-3401 to schedule your adoption appointment. You will then schedule a time to meet and pick-up your new best friend! Staff will meet adopters outside of the building to begin the adoption process.

Pet Surrender:

Due to space limitations in our current animal intake area, and the challenge for proper social distancing, GCAS is suspending the surrender of owned pets until further notice. All owners interested in surrendering their pet should call 336-641-3413 for more information. GCAS is not taking in healthy community cats now; any kittens with a mother should be monitored until 8 weeks of age rather than brought to the shelter.

Lost Pet:

If you have lost your pet or believe that GCAS has your lost pet, please call 336-641-3401 or 336-641-3414.

You do not need an appointment to claim your lost pet from GCAS.

Found Pet/Strays:

If you have found a pet or need to report a stray animal, please call 336.641.5990 or 336-641-3401.

Field Services:

Due to COVID-19, GCAS Animal Control Officers are only responding to urgent, high-priority calls including sick or injured animals and animals that threaten public safety.

For Animal Control emergencies, questions or comments, call (336) 641-5990.

For services on Sunday, after hours and Holidays call Metro 911 non-emergency number 336-373-2222 if it’s an emergency call 911. Animal Control will continue to respond to sick, injured or vicious animals after hours.

Special Events:

All vaccination clinics, trainings, and adoption events have been canceled until further notice in compliance with the county’s Stay at Home order.


GCAS is not permitting volunteers to enter the shelter at this time. 

Until further notice, these are the following changes to our operations:

  • Animal Control Officers will respond to high priority calls and emergencies only. High priority/ emergency calls include the following:
    • law enforcement assistance, injured or sick stray animals, cruelty and neglect complaints, bite complaints, and dangerous and aggressive dog complaints.
    • Citizens should utilize 911 for animal emergencies after 5pm and on Sunday
    • All other urgent matters will continue to be received by email or phone message and dispatched to Animal Control Officers as deemed necessary by management.
    • Animal Control Officers will suspend low priority/non-emergency activity. This includes non-aggressive stray animal pick-up, leash law complaints, barking and nuisance complaints, trapping and transport of community cats, and conflict mitigation scenarios.
    • Animal Services will stop receiving animals that have been trapped by the public.
  • General access to animal services facilities will be limited to the public to reduce the risk for spreading illness amongst the public and to protect the health of the staff, volunteers, and visitors.
  • Animal intake will be limited to that which is necessary. Necessary and emergency animal intake from the public will be done via appointment. All essential animal intake will be conducted as follows:
  • Staff will continue to encourage citizens to use masks and hand sanitizer upon entry; wash hands
  • Intake Area and Customer Service Lobby will be disinfected surfaces, doors, pens, keyboards, etc. Staff must wash their hands between each visitor.