GUILFORD COUNTY IS UNDER A STATE OF EMERGENCY DECLARATION EFFECTIVE October 11, 2018.  Citizens are ENCOURAGED to stay off the roadways during the impact and post-impact timeframes of the storm if reasonably possible, to limit travel as to not interfere with the efforts of emergency responders and repair crews. Citizens should not enter flooded areas including flooded roadways and structures.

Reports of Animal Control Services

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Explanation of reports: Animal Control data is housed in the Guilford Metro 9-1-1 Computer Aided Dispatch software. Service requests are logged by Animal Control dispatchers each business day. The sophisticated Guilford Metro 9-1-1 system determines the physical location of each request and assigns a set of coordinate values (X,Y) that can be used to map each request.

On a monthly basis, reports are run against the database. This monthly data is formatted and uploaded into an application developed by Guilford County GIS (geographic information system) for Animal Control. The GIS application takes the coordinates from each field service request and maps it in order to determine from which town the field service originated. The application process collates field services into a report on a monthly basis.

Note: Guilford County Animal Control officers respond to calls throughout Guilford County excluding the city of High Point and the town of Gibsonville. Each of these municipalities has its own animal control team.

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