Department Directors

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Marty Lawing,

County Manager
Animal Services
Jorge Ortega
Board of Elections Charlie Collicutt  336-641-3836
Budget Management  Michael Halford  336-641-3275 
Child Support Enforcement  Angela Liverman  336-641-6438 
Clerk to the Board  Robin Keller  336-641-4893
Cooperative Extension  William Strader (interim)
County Legal  Mark Payne  336-641-3852 
Court Alternatives  Doug Logan  336-641-2611 
Emergency Services  Jim Albright  336-641-7565 
Facilities, Parks & Property Management Dan Durham  336-641-3799 
Family Justice Center Catherine Johnson 336-641-2809 
Finance  Harley Will  336-641-3300 
Human Resources Karen P. Fishel  336-641-3324 
Information Services  Hemant Desai  336-641-3371 
Internal Audit  Chad Muhlestein  336-641-3242 
Planning & Development  Leslie Bell  336-641-3334 
Purchasing Department  Jacqueline B. Boyce 336-641-3226
Public Health  Merle Green  336-641-3288 
Register of Deeds  Jeff Thigpen  336-641-7556 
Risk Management 
Yvonne Moebs
Security Department  Jeff Fowler  336-641-6535 
Sheriff's Office  Danny H. Rogers  336-641-3694 
Social Services  Heather Skeens  336-641-3000 
Tax Department  Ben Chavis  336-641-3362
Transportation  Myra Thompson  336-641-4848 
Veteran's Services  Robert Shelly