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Employee Spotlight: Sonya Desai, FJC Client Services Coordinators

Post Date:10/01/2019 4:06 PM

By: Catherine Johnson

sonya desaiSonya Desai is a master at making connections. Some would say she is like a chameleon as she navigates easily with agencies and service providers in the community. Desai, while always welcoming and friendly, is on a mission. Her mission is to make Guilford County a safer place for all.   As the Client Services Coordinator for the Family Justice Center in Greensboro, Desai has worked at the FJC since its inception in 2015.  Prior to working with Guilford County, she spent nearly ten years working as a victim advocate for the Greensboro Police Department. 

Desai finds joy in her in her work through serving her community.  “I love connecting and learning from others, knowing that our goals are the same: victim safety and offender accountability” shares Desai.  Empowering professionals and victims is at the core of FJC operations.  “Often, we see people in the crisis of their life, which can be difficult.  However, the power of the FJC is that we get to see them through their crisis and are able celebrate their successes.  I have worked with thousands of victims of abuse in my career, I am often inspired by their ability to move forward and make lasting change. As a helper, I am thankful to be able to journey with them.”  

sonya desaiOutside of her role with Guilford County, Desai enjoys the outdoors and spending time with family and friends. In 2018, she completed her first marathon.  She trained with several FJC partners and completed the 26.2 distance with two to them.  “It’s a good day when a Marine puts a medal around your neck”, reflects Desai.  She adds, “What’s even better is the power of partnership, which is what got me through the long runs and self-doubt.  I truly believe, we can accomplish so much more when we work together!”

In addition to logging miles, Desai ended the interview sharing about becoming a Jeep owner in March 2019.  Desai describes Jeep culture as one of a kind.  “I love Jeep life! I find the top-down and open-air experience to be therapeutic.  I also love that Jeep owners always pause to wave to other Jeep drivers when you pass one another on the road. It’s a whole new way to connect.”


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