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Public Notice: Invitation for Sealed Bids

Post Date:09/29/2019 7:00 AM

Advertised September 29, 2019. Sealed Bids must be received in the office of the Clerk to Board no later than 5:00 p.m., October 30, 2019. Bid Opening begins promptly at 9:00 a.m. on Thursday, October 31, 2019 in the County Clerk’s Conference Room located on the 2nd floor of 301 W. Market Street, Greensboro NC 27401.

Location for Bid Submission:
Guilford County Government
Attention: Clerk to Board
301 W. Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27401

This Invitation for Sealed Bids is subject to, and all of the bids submitted must be in compliance with, the Bid Requirements and General Terms of Sale listed below and in accordance with applicable statutes including NCGS 160A-268.

Properties: The Guilford County Board of Commissioners have designated the following properties as surplus and, as such, they are available for purchase.

1. 1002 YY East Bragg Street, Greensboro Parcel: 0005042 Deed: Book 1163 Page 0237
Tax Value: $500 Minimum Bid: $500.00 Size: 0.03 Acres
2. 4305 Brookhaven Drive, Greensboro Parcel: 0134285 Deed: Book 4902 Page 1778
Tax Value: $10,000 Minimum Bid: $5000.00 Size: 1.07 Acres
3. 2203 Charleston Lane, Pleasant Garden Parcel: 0131846 Deed: Book 3738 Page 0433
Tax Value: $35,000 Minimum Bid: $20,000.00 Size: 1.55 Acres
4. 251 Dorothy St., High Point Parcel: 0178912 Deed: Book 7448 Page 2943
Tax Value: $9,800 Minimum Bid: $1,000.00 Size: 0.56 Acres
5. 1512 R1 Falcon Road, Gibsonville Parcel: 104946 Deed: Book 2850 Page 0798
Tax Value: $4,500 Minimum Bid: $4,500.00 Size: 0.21 Acres
6. 1303 Furlough Avenue, High Point Parcel: 0174514 Deed: Book 7787 Page 0988
Tax Value: $5,000 Minimum Bid: $2,000.00 Size: 0.14 Acres
7. 125 127 Greenview Terrace, High Point Parcel: 0192758 Deed: Book 4081 Page 1326
Tax Value: $800 Minimum Bid: $800.00 Size: 0.04 Acres
8. 706 Huff Street, Greensboro Parcel: 0083058 Deed: Book 1981 Page 0553
Tax Value: $1,600 Minimum Bid: $1,000.00 Size: 0.05 Acres
9. 2846 2848 Lees Chapel Road, Greensboro Parcel: 0125600 Deed: Book 2497 Page 0339
Tax Value: $20,000 Minimum Bid: $1,000.00 Size: 0.29 Acres
10. 132 134 Mayview Avenue, High Point Parcel: 0194924 Deed: Book 3286 Page 0880
Tax Value: $200 Minimum Bid: $200.00 Size: 0.02 Acres
11. 800 Meredith St., High Point Parcel: 0174942 Deed: Book 7422 Page 2273
Tax Value: $5,000 Minimum Bid: $1,000.00 Size: 0.15 Acres
12. 723 Minneola Street, Gibsonville Parcel: 0102920 Deed: Book 7911 Page 0334
Tax Value: $14,000 Minimum Bid: $5,000.00 Size: 0.30 Acres
13. 6303 ZZ Quincy Lane, Gibsonville Parcel: 0107761 Deed: Book 8143 Page 3033
Tax Value: $30,800 Minimum Bid: $6,000.00 Size: 2.05 Acres
14. 8700 Sherfield Road, Colfax Parcel: 168706 Deed: Book 3266 Page 0976
Tax Value: $4,000 Minimum Bid: $1,000.00 Size: 0.01 Acres
15. 1303 Near Twain Road, Greensboro Parcel: 032835 Deed: Book 2728 Page 0038
Tax Value: $500 Minimum Bid: $500.00 Size: 0.13 Acres
16. 3248 US Highway 158, Stokesdale Parcel: 0167176 Deed: Book 4665 Page 0726
Tax Value: $19,800 Minimum Bid: $2,000.00 Size:0.43 Acres
17. 3807 ZZ Williams Dairy Road, Greensboro Parcel: 133611 Deed: Book 7787 Page 0990
Tax Value: $3,300 Minimum Bid: $1,000.00 Size:0.09 Acres


Complete descriptions of the referenced properties can be found in the office of the Register of Deeds for Guilford County, to which plat and the record thereof can be reviewed.


Persons wishing to submit a sealed offer on one or more of the above referenced properties shall submit a sealed bid with their offer to purchase to the office of the Clerk to Board, 301 W. Market St. Greensboro, NC 27401 no later than 5:00 pm on Wednesday, October 30, 2019. Bids shall be opened at 9:00 am on Thursday, October 31, 2019, if any, and the highest qualifying bid will become the offer for each respective parcel. If there is more than one bid for each or all parcels in the highest amount, the first such bid received will become the final offer.

A qualifying bid must be one of at least that which is listed as the Minimum Bid.

A qualifying bid must be accompanied by a deposit in the amount of five percent (5%) of the bid; the deposit may be made in the form of cashier’s check or certified check. The County will return the deposit on any bid not accepted, and will return the deposit on an offer subject to upset if a qualifying bid is received. NO OFFER WILL BE ACCEPTED WITHOUT A BID DEPOSIT IN THE FORM AND AMOUNT INDICATED ABOVE.

The buyer must pay cash, cashier’s check or certified check at closing.

The Guilford County Board of Commissioners must approve the final high offer before the sale is closed. The County reserves the right to withdraw the property from sale at any time before the final high bids are accepted and the right to reject at any time all bids.

Further information can be obtained through the Property Management Department,
Attn: Rick Mosher (336)-641-3778


 Bid Form:  Each prospective bidder is required to complete and execute, in duplicate the bid Offer To Purchase form found here. Bids shall be filled out legibly with all erasures, strikeovers, and corrections initialed by the person signing the bid and the bid must be manually signed. Negligence on the part of the bidder in preparing the bid confers no right for withdrawal or modification of the bid.
 Bid Deposit:  Bid Deposit in the amount equal to 5% of the bid for the Sale item in the form of a cashier’s or certified check made payable to Guilford County. A Bid Deposit is required for the Sale Item bid. No offer will be accepted without a Bid Deposit. Failure to so provide such a bid deposit shall require rejection of the bid.
 Terms:  All sales are “As-is/Where-is”. Bid Deposit is due at the time of bid submission. No offer will be accepted without a Bid Deposit. Balance of purchase price is due upon closing. The high bid will be considered a continuing offer for a period of 120 calendar days. The high bidder must be prepared to close within 60 days following notification of the Guilford County Board of Commissioner’s bid acceptance. The Board maintains the right to reject any and all bids for each parcel set forth herein. The Board may require additional terms and conditions of sale consistent with the terms set out herein.
 Inspection:  All Sales items may be inspected at any time. Please refer all questions to Rick Mosher at 336-641-3778.
 Mailing:  The Deposit and Bid Form should be placed in a sealed envelope and mailed to the location address above. Displayed prominently somewhere on the front of the envelope should be displayed: Bid Pkg. 10.30.19
 Descriptions in Invitation For Sealed Bids:  The Description of the property set forth in the Invitation for Sealed Bids an any other Information provided therein with respect to said property are based on information available to the Property Management Section and are believed to be correct, but any error or omission, including but not limited to the omission of any information available to the agency having custody over the property and/or any other state agency, shall not constitute ground or reason for nonperformance of the contract of sale, or claim by purchaser for allowance, refund or deduction from the purchase price.
 Inspection:  Bidders are invited, urged and cautioned to inspect the property to be sold prior to submitting a bid. The failure of any bidder to Inspect, or to be fully informed as to the condition of all or any portion of the property offered, will not constitute grounds for any claim or demand for adjustment or withdrawal of a bid after the bid opening or auction.
 Condition of Property  The property is offered for sale and will be sold “As Is” and “Where Is” without representation, warranty or guaranty as to the quality, quality, title, character, condition, size, or kind, or that the same is in condition or fit to be sued for the purpose for which intended, and no claim for any allowance or deduction upon such grounds will be considered after the bid opening or conclusion of an auction.
 Revocation of Bid and Default  In the event of revocation of a bid after the opening of bids or conducting of an auction, but prior to acceptance, or in the event of revocation of a bid after notice of acceptance, or in the event of any default by the successful bidder in the performance of the contract of sale created by such acceptance, or in the event of failure by the successful bidder to consummate the transaction, the deposit, together with any; payments subsequently made on account, may be forfeited at the option of the Guilford County, in which even the bidder shall be relieved from further liability, or without forfeiting the said deposit and payments, Guilford County may avail itself of any legal or equitable rights which it may have under the bid or contract of sale.
 Title:  If a bid for the purchase of the property; is accepted, the Seller’s interest will be conveyed by a quitclaim deed or deed without warranty and/or, where appropriate, a bill of sale in conformity with local law and practice.
 Documentary Stamps and Cost of Recording:  The successful bidder shall pay all taxes and fees imposed on the transaction and shall obtain at bidder’s own expense and affix to all instruments of conveyance and security documents such as revenue and documentary stamps as may be required by Federal and local law. All instruments of conveyance and security documents shall be placed on record in the manner prescribed local recording statutes at the successful bidder’s expense.
 Contract:  The Invitation of Sealed Bids, and the bid when accepted by the Guilford County Board of Commissioners, shall constitute an agreement for sale between the successful bidder and Guilford County. No oral statements or representations made by, or for, or on behalf of either party shall be a part of such contract. Nor shall any contract, or any interest therein, be transferred or assigned by the successful bidder without consent of Guilford County, and any assignment transaction without such consent shall be void.
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