Fire Training Class

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First Responder Offensive

This class will be taught by Federal Resources. If you are interested in attending please contact for further information.

HazMatIQ First Responder Offensive training incorporates the “Above the Line /Below the Line” system, while instructing First Responders on safely entering the Hot Zone to attempt a rescue and /or perform recon of the event. This 4-hour course incorporates its own set of HazMatIQ Smart Charts, which aid in the decision making process, emphasizing the use of the Stay Alive Five Meters, found in the SAFe Kit (Radiation, multi-gas, temperature gun) and Reagent Papers (pH and F papers) to assure their safe entry into the Hot Zone.

1. Train First Responders on the HazMatIQ First Responder Offensive Smart Charts

2. Provide training on transportation containers, for both highway and railway.

3. Provide training on the SAFe Kit. These meters provide valuable information for the entry team; evaluating the presence of flammable gases/vapors, oxygen concentration, corrosivity, temperature change, radiation and the life threatening presence of fl uorine. If your department responds to Hazardous Materials incidents, these tools are essential to both the safety of your responders and the safety of your community.

4. Trains responders to use the NIOSH Guide. Currently First Responders are trained only on the DOT Emergency Response Guidebook (ERG) providing very limited information needed to make a “Go or No Go” decision.

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